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  • Gotz Dolls - Offers pictures and    information on play, collectible, and handcrafted figures including Sasha,    Goetz, and Harry Potter. Provides hospital, museum, and forum. [English and    Deutsch] 

  • Sasha Doll -    Information about Sasha Morgenthaler's dolls, including photographs,    publications, restoration, repair, and sales. Provides knitting patterns and    kits. 

  • Sasha Doll Home    Page - Enthusiast shares photographs and information on collecting    Morgenthaler dolls by Goetz Company. Includes information on where to    purchase, pen pals, and links. 

  • Sasha Doll Web    Ring - Offers webring information for collector or business related    pages of the Morgenthaler and Goetz dolls. Includes application, links, and    photographs. 

  • Sasha Dolls - Offers sale of    dolls created by early doll artist, Sasha Morgenthaler, and later produced    by Goetz or Gotz. Includes history, news, and photographs.