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  • Anna's    Dream Dolls - Displays dolls in original packaging; includes Jenny,    Licca, and Sailor Moon. Pictures and webring included. 

  • Biscuit's House - Personal    collector shares images, stories, outfit gallery, Volks figures, and paper    dolls. Includes links, and information on where to purchase. [Japanese,    French] 

  • Chiaki J. Konaka's Dollhouse -    Custom dolls from anime creations such as Lain and Bubblegum Crash, as well    as Takara Jenny. 

  • Dolls Dolls Dolls -    Features sale of Takara figures, artist, and custom fashion dolls by Darla.    Provides pictures, kimono links, and Jenny mailing list. 

  • Garden of Dolls - Custom    dollfies, personal collection images, and shop. 

  • Gery Loves Takara    Dolls - Features picture gallery of Takara fashion doll collection,    sorted by release series. Includes fashion scenes, webring, and links. 

  • The International Jenny    and Licca Webring - Offers free membership, and features listings of    enthusiast webpages relating to collecting Takara dolls. Includes links. 

  • J-Doll Fashion Party    - Features Japanese Takara fashion figures. Includes photograph images,    dress list, events, webring, and links. 

  • Jenny, Another Yourself -    Offers sale of Takara Jenny dolls and clothing. Includes introduction,    historic fashions, national costumes, custom clothes, and crafts. Provides    webring. 

  • Jenny in Australia - Offers sale of    one of a kind Takara Jenny and Licca clothing fashions. Includes image    gallery with descriptions, and links. 

  • Jenny Land - Offers sale of    Takara fashion dolls and friends. Includes photograph images of Shinsengumi    Marine. Provides prices, webring, and links. 

  • Jenny Style -    Features profiles and pictures of Takara fashion figures including friends    Annie, Aya, and Erika. Includes clothing gallery, and links. 

  • Licca and Jenny    - Collector shares photographs of Takara figures, along with related    characters, Miki, Chocolat, Izumi, and Eri-Chan. Includes pictures of    accessory booklets, and webring. 

  • Studio    R: Ruby's Collection - Offers sale of custom handcrafted 1/6 scale    outfits and accessories for fashion figures by Takara. Includes pictures,    webring, and links. 

  • Yahoo Group: Honey    Garden - Volks and Noix de Rome - Forum and chat for customizers and    collectors of Volks and Noix de Rome dolls.