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  • Alli's Cabbage    Cottage - Collector features photographs of Coleco kids including    childhood collection. Includes webring, and information on visit to Babyland    Hospital. 

  • Cabbage Patch Babyland    General Hospital - Provides history of original Coleco playtime    characters by Xavier Roberts, from doll hospital in Cleveland, Georgia.    Includes tour schedule, and map. 

  • The    Cabbage Place - Personal page features photographs of collection from    manufacturers including Coleco, Hasbro, Mattel, and the Koosa pets. Provides    webring, and links. 

  • The CPK Soft Face Place -    Provides information, photo gallery, forum, chat room, sales and trade    listings. 

  • Denise's Cabbage Patch Kids    - Provides photographs of collection including Coleco characters by Xavier    Roberts, Hasbro, and Mattel. Includes webring, and links. 

  • The Magical Cabbage Patch -    Offers details of collecting Coleco and Jesmar kids, factories, care    instructions, message forum, and photographs. Provides virtual flea market. 

  • My Cabbage Patch Kids and    Their Friends - Provides photographs of Coleco, Hasbro, and Mattel    characters collected since childhood with date and description. Includes    guestbook. 

  • Official Cabbage Patch Kids    Home - Provides history of the original dolls and their creator, Xavier    Roberts. Offers Babyland Hospital tour, schedule of chat sessions, message    forum, news, and gift shop. 

  • Pelly Patch -    Enthusiast describes how she got started in collecting. Includes a photo    gallery. 

  • Tiffany's Cabbage Patch -    Showcases a collection of soft Sculptures, Colecos, TRUs, and PAs. Includes    history of the dolls and photos. 

  • Yahoo    Group - Cabbage Patch Kids Hangout - Offers collector forum to discuss    Jesmar and Coleco characters, including Xavier Roberts creations. Provides    photographs, news, and links.